ACTIVITIES IN THE Quinta de Almiara

  • September
  • -
  • 2017

In September, Quinta da Almiara had a very busy agenda. We started the guided tours across our facilities. Come visit us! We´re waiting for you! We also welcome the bride and groom E&R, who chose to marry under our centenary pine trees, while the bride and groom B&H preferred to celebrate their union on our wonderful terrace. We wish all the best to them! Congratulations! On the 10th of September we host the initiative “Rota das Adegas” (winery walking route), an event organized by AMP CTV (an association that organizes walks and tours), which counted with more than 300 participants. Between the 21st and 24th of September, we join the initiative “Alma do Vinho” (wine’s soul), a wine event which took place in Alenquer (a well-known wine region). There were around 30 wine producers from the Lisbon Region. In this event the visitors were able to taste Quinta da Almiara’s wines and get to know a little bit more about us. To end well the month, we finish the harvest of our 160 hectares of vineyards on the 25th of September and after we made our “Adiafa” (the traditional lunch to celebrate the end of the harvesting season) in order to thank the effort of the whole team. Well done team!

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